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Satin Ribbon - Satin ribbon color SA-003


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PULLBOWS+ GIFTS  Satin Ribbon Satin ribbon color SA-003 description :

Size: 1/8"(3MM) 6600-005 3/16"(5MM) 6600-006 1/4"(6MM) 6600-009 3/8"(9MM) 6600-013 1/2"(13MM) 6600-016 5/8"(16MM) 6600-019 3/4"(19MM) 6600-022 7/8"(22MM) 6600-025 1"(25MM) 6600-028 1-1/8"(28MM) 6600-032 1-1/4"(32MM) 6600-038 1-1/2"(38MM) 6600-050 2"(50
Satin Ribbon - color satin ribbon is made of the poly. it use in cake packing, food packing, gifts packing and other packing use.

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